///石川 Chuan Shi

Creative Director ( With Master degree from China Academy of Art

Mr. Shi chuan became one of China’s first-generation digital media artists. His works have won the Pierre Huber Creation Award.

Shi has been involved in the planning of performances for the Shanghai eARTs Electronic Arts Festival, served as the art director for the Shanghai World Expo pavilion 2010, and acted as the deputy director of our multi-media Lab.

Shi is dedicated to establishing effective communication between experimental art and the public.  He has pioneered several firsts in China, including the first domestic art exhibition combining Location-Based Services (LBS) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology [City of Memes], the first creation of digital mapping projection on a sky dome exceeding 1000 square meters (Shanghai World Expo), and the first use of facial recognition technology for facial digital mapping projection (ELLE+).

///黄伟 Sunson Huang

Technical Director (With Master degree from the New Media Department at The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Mr. Huang is one of the earliest professionals in China to work in the multimedia field with nearly 20 years of experience in combining art and technology in projects.

He has been involved in various large-scale projects, including the national level immersive space – ‘ Blossoming in Light’ hosted by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee; immersive exhibition halls for China’s leading energy company. States level immersive spaces for the ‘Peony Garden National Flower Pavilion’, and the 4D immersive film ‘African Savanna’ at the Shanghai Natural History Museum. Additionally, he participated in the promotional event for Pudong New Area in Shanghai.

Based the technological accumulation in AI and new media fields, his extensive experience in large-scale projects plays a crucial role in the successful implementation.

///李静宜 Emily Li

Content Creative Director (With Master degree from University of Stirling, UK)

Emily is knowledgeable in Chinese ancient history and literature, serving as a research surveyor in humanities projects.

Since her involvement in the Shanghai World Expo project in 2010, she has participated multiple times in the content planning of multimedia exhibitions on humanities and arts themes both domestically and internationally. She now has had long-term collaboration with the History and Archaeology Research Institute of Zhejiang University.

She serves as the content director for the national-level project The Exhibition of Achievement in compiling A comprehensive Collection of Ancient Chinese Paintings. She is also involved in content planning for the Hall of Immersion on the History of Chinese Science at the China Science Museum. Additionally, she serves as a researcher for the Dream of the Red Chamber Research Committee.